Should Termites Be a Concern in the Winter?

As the temperatures drop, a lot of common pests just kind of disappear. Ants in your kitchen aren’t really an issue, and wasps aren’t building nests on your house. However, what about the structural menace that is termites? Are they still an issue in the winter?

Should Termites Be a Concern in the Winter?

Unfortunately, one doesn’t really get a reprieve from termites in the winter. Homeowners will want to be on the lookout for termites all year. Termites are more like rodents — they are a bigger issue in the winter. If termites are already in your home, they won’t hibernate, they will continue to eat the wood in your home, never ceasing. This is what makes them so destructive. They just never stop eating away at your home.

The good news is that they don’t swarm in the winter. This means if you have not seen any sign of termites, you won’t get any during the winter season. However, you will always want to be able to recognize the signs, though some of them you may not see due to snow or general lack of inspection. Signs of termites include:

  • Grooves and channels in exposed wood
  • Mud tubes around the foundation
  • Movement in your walls
  • Buckling floors, sagging ceilings, bulging walls
  • Sawdust-like frass near wood

If you see any of these signs, some vastly more serious than others, it means you have termites eating away at your home. Unfortunately, treating them should not be put off even a day. That is another day of damage to the structure of your home.

Have you seen signs of termites in or around your home? Even if it is the dead of winter, contact us. The professionals at Home Run Pest Control won’t waste any time kicking them out of your home and making sure new ones don’t show up when they swarm in the spring.

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