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Spider Control Dallas

Dallas is home to a variety of spiders. Some species are harmless to humans but a nuisance in the garden. Others are harmful for your pets and family to come into contact with. Below we have a few of the most commonly found spiders in the Dallas area.

Spiders Common To The Dallas Area

Black Widow Spider

Black widow spiders are identified by their shiny black bodies and the red hourglass shape on the abdomen. These spiders build abstract webs close to the ground, under patio furniture or play sets. Widows only become aggressive when the web is disturbed, which is why you should never dismantle a web on your own. Their bites are painful and sometimes fatal to pets and small children. If you or a family member have been bitten by a black widow, contact your doctor immediately.

Brown Recluse Spider

Brown recluse spiders are identified by a violin pattern on the upper back area. These spiders are often found in wood piles and brush around the yard. These spiders generally stay away from people, but have been found in undisturbed areas around the home. Their bites are painful and necrotic. If you suspect you’ve been bitten by a recluse, please seek medical attention immediately.

Garden Spider

Garden spiders build elaborate webs to trap flies and other pests like aphids. Garden spiders are often colorful and large. Although these spiders are not a threat to humans like the recluse or the widow, they can be a nuisance in the garden.

Southern House Spider

Southern house spiders look very similar to the Brown Recluse, but they do not have the violin pattern on their bodies. These spiders have very small teeth and cannot penetrate human skin. Southern house spiders are unsettling due to their resemblance to the recluse, but they tend to stay away from people.

Wolf Spider

Wolf spiders are found around the US in desert and coastal areas. These spiders have excellent eyesight and have evolved to be lone hunters. Wolf spiders are often found outdoors in wood piles, shrubs and compost heaps. Their bites are not fatal, but they do cause skin minor irritation.

Spider Control Protection Plans

If you’re seeing spiders around your home, a Home Run Pest technician will start by inspecting your property. Once the scope of the infestation has been determined, the technician will apply a low dose pesticide around the perimeter of your home.
For the best results, we recommend beginning our Quarterly Standard Pest Protection program. This includes 4 treatments a year, during which we will maintain the perimeter barrier, knock down webs and destroy hiding places for spiders on your home. Our quarterly service comes with a pest-free guarantee. Learn more about our Pest Control Protection plans.

Pest Control Protection Plans

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Home Run Pest is a proud member of the Good Contractors list which means you can hire us with the confidence that your service is backed by a money back guarantee. The Good Contractors List are so confident in our services that they guarantee that we will deliver what was agreed upon or The Good Contractors List will PAY up to $10,000 to make it right!

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Venomous Spiders

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Black widows and brown recluse spiders have very painful bites. A black widow bite can cause temporary paralysis and a brown recluse bite can require surgery to remove necrotic tissue. These spiders are especially dangerous for small children and pets. Children under 2 will need emergency care if bitten. Keep venemous spiders away from your family and pets. Call the spider removal experts at Home Run Pest and Termite Control today!

100% Guarantee

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Spiders invade Dallas homes throughout the year. When there are major shifts in the weather, these spiders might seek refuge in your home or office. We recommend starting our Standard Pest Protection program to keep your home spider-free all year. Our recurring services are 100% guaranteed. If you see pests between regularly scheduled services, we’ll come back for free to take care of the infestation. Call us today for more information about our guaranteed services.


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