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Ant Control in Dallas

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Ants are a nuisance pest throughout Texas. They can infiltrate homes seemingly over night and once inside, can be very difficult to control. Most ant infestations can be the result of a shift in weather. Heatwaves, cold snaps and rainstorms are just a few of the reasons why ants may be coming indoors.
Ant Control in DallasAlthough Dallas has a wide variety of ant species, most of them do not prefer the same food sources. While most of the ants listed below are not threatening to humans, some ants, like carpenter ants, can cause damage to wood features around your home. Others, like fire ants, can sting and bite. If you have family members who are allergic to bee stings, this ant species could be dangerous. Take a look at the list below and if you see any of these ants in or around your home, give us a call.

Ants Common In Dallas & Surrounding Area

Acrobat Ants

Acrobat ants are frequently confused with carpenter ants and can only be distinguished by close inspection. Acrobat ants are all the same size with two spines on the thorax. Unlike carpenter ants, they are mostly active during the day. When irritated, acrobat ants lift their bodies into the air as a defensive posture. Acrobat ants typically nest in trees, but will also move indoors if conditions are favorable. The best way to remove an Acrobat ant infestation is to use a power sprayer to treat outdoors. The power sprayer holds a low toxicity, low odor pesticide that is used in outdoor application.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are large dark brown ants which are mostly nocturnal. Nests are constructed in boxes, branches of trees, ceilings, hollow tree trunks and walls. These ants build linear trails along buildings, fences and tree branches. Carpenter ants have a painful bite, but do not sting. Carpenter ants are treated in a similar way that termites are treated, in that we will treat the affected areas with a spot treatment of Termidor. This will remove the colony without requiring a large pesticide application.

Crazy Ants

Fast and erratic in behavior, crazy ants commonly infest buildings throughout the greater Dallas area. Crazy ants nest in moist locations like potted plants, near kitchen sinks and in bathrooms. Crazy ants are best treated with granular baits or a power spray application. Granular baits work when the ant takes the non-repellant bait back to the colony. From there, the bait will wipe out the ant infestation. If a power spray application is needed, we will use a low odor, low toxicity pesticide for outdoor application.

Fire Ants

Fire ants are common all over Texas and are known for their aggressive response to any disturbance of the nest. A fire ant’s sting is very painful and can cause allergic reactions. Fire ants are easily identified by their reddish-brown coloration and large dirt mound nests. Fire ants enter buildings in search of food and water, especially in late summer when outside sources of water are scarce. Fire ants require immediate treatment of their mound. In this case, we use a direct application of a non-repellant pesticide to the mound and the surrounding area. This non-repellant treatment acts like a virus spreading throughout the fire ant colony, killing the nest.

Leaf-cutting Ants

These large ants have a very distinctive nest and leaf-carrying behavior. Leaf cutter ants nest outdoors making crater shaped mounds in soil. Workers carry freshly cut leaves and other plant material to the nest. These materials are carefully placed into special gardens on which they grow a special kind of fungus, which the ants eat. Leaf-cutting ants are reddish-brown in color with long legs and spines on their bodies. Leaf cutter ants are best treated with a granular bait or power spray application. Both pesticides are labeled for outdoor application and will not require you to leave the home during treatment.

Odorous House Ants

The odorous house ant is a common ant to all of Texas. Odorous ants love sweets and are often found in kitchens. These ants nest outdoors between bricks, inside openings like wall voids, under mulch and stones. Their smooth, medium-sized bodies produce a distinctive, licorice-like, smell when crushed. If an indoor pesticide application is needed, we will use small dose of low toxicity, low odor pesticide in the affected areas. From there, we will recommend a regular outdoor treatment to keep them from returning.

Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants one of the only ants that nest indoors. They are yellowish-clear in color and make their nests in dark, narrow spaces like electrical boxes and wall voids. Pharaoh ants feed on foods high in sugar or protein. If Pharaoh ants are invading your home and we need to do an indoor pesticide application, we will use a small dose of low toxicity, low odor pesticide in the affected areas. After the initial treatment, we will recommend a regular ant control service to keep them from returning.

Termidor Kills Ants

Termidor Kills Ants - ant control

Termidor is a preferred pesticide used by pest professionals when treating ants. This non-repellant pesticide acts like a virus, working within an ant colony to destroy the population. Ants exposed to Termidor will take the pesticide back to the nest with them and infect other ants. Within days, Termidor will wipe out the entire colony.

Ant Control in Dallas

Termidor is only used in a small doses and is applied around the perimeter of the home. This creates a protective barrier for your home or office.

Additional Fire Ant Control Service

Our quarterly ant treatment program only covers the perimeter of your home. If you would like more protection against fire ants, we also offer a 12 month lawn protection program, which includes a full treatment of the lawn around your home. Call or text us today for more information about our 12 Month Fire Ant protection program.

Ant Control Protection Plans

If you’re striking out with DIY ant removal, call the professionals to treat your home or office. Home Run Pest and Termite Control will inspect and remove ants from your house, apartment, condo or office, using only the best low toxicity, low odor pesticide. Our products will not require you to leave the property for any amount of time.

For the best results, we recommend starting our quarterly Outdoor Perimeter Pest Control program. We will come out 4 times per year to spray an invisible barrier around the perimeter of your home. We will spray along entry points such as doors and windows. We apply a granular general insect bait around the perimeter of your home. Every spring and fall we will dust the weep holes of your house as well. This approach to pest control keeps the bugs out without having to spray unnecessary pesticides in the home and eliminates the need for appointments. Should a pest problem present itself inside your home, we will gladly treat the inside problem at no additional charge for quarterly pest control customers.

Pest Control Protection Plans

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100% Guarantee

We guarantee 100% of our returning services. Sometimes ants return if there is a shift in weather patterns. If this happens and you see ants between regularly scheduled service, give us a call immediately and we’ll return for free to treat the infestation.

Ant Control in Dallas

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Ant Extermination Reviews

“We also had a major ant problem. They went above and beyond to help us determine the best avenue to treat the ant problem.”

Kimberly G.

“Great company to work with. Everyone we worked with was very professional and informative. No more ant or rodent problem for us. Would recommend to any one needing any type of pest control.”

Esther E.

“Home Run Pest & Termite Control has excellent service. I hired them to treat my yard for ants. Less than a week, all the ant mounts in my yard was empty. I don’t know if them moved or was dead but I didn’t have to worry about my pets or kids getting bite. Their customer service was awesome, I would highly recommend using their service.”

Tawaski C.

“We had tons of ant beds in our yard and now they are just dirt! They did a great job so we hired them to “debug” the inside of our home too. They are hard-working, trustworthy people that uphold their warranty. They are VERY QUICK about returning phone calls and texts. Would gladly refer them to anyone in need of pest control!”

Hina R.

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