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Pest Extermination

Pests of all shapes and sizes call Dallas home and could be calling your house home if you’re not protected. Keep local bugs and rodents away by calling Home Run Pest and Termite Control. 


We use a power sprayer to treat eaves and overhangs, yard space along walls, windows and doors as well as a perimeter application to keep pests away. Our pesticides are low odor, low toxicity products that are labeled for use in and around your home.

Termite treatment in Dallas, TX

Subterranean termites cause millions of dollars in damage each year in the US. Don’t let your Dallas home or business become the next termite casualty.

Dallas Termite Control Professionals

 Home Run Pest and Termite control offers termite inspections and treatments. We’ll root out the cause of the damage and treat the affected areas. From there, we’ll recommend annual inspections to keep termites away from your home or business. Learn more about termite inspections and control.

If ants are invading your home or yard, Home Run Pest and Termite Control will come to inspect and eradicate the infestation.

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Beetles are not only unsightly, they destroy gardens and in some cases infest garbage storage areas, wood piles and compost heaps.

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Cockroaches spread disease and filth. When you spot one, many more lie in areas unseen around your kitchen and bathroom.

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Crickets are generally harmless to humans. If they take over a yard, however, it can ruin a relaxing evening outdoors.

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Fleas don’t need pets in the yard to be a nuisance. They can be introduced a variety of ways and once there, they can easily make their way inside.

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Rodents cause damage and spread disease with their droppings. If left untreated, rodents can establish a colony in a matter of weeks.

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Scorpions can be dangerous for small pets and children. Keep scorpions out of your yard.

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Black widow spiders are dangerous for children and small pets. They hide under outdoor furniture and play sets by building their webs close to the ground. Keep your yard free from spiders.

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Termites cause millions of dollars in damage each year. Subterranean termites tunnel towards structures and destroy a home from the foundation.

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Lawn Care & Weed Control

Sign up for a 7 step weed control and fertilization program with our sister company Abracadabra Pest and Weed Control and receive 50% off your first lawn application!

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