Four Signs You May Have Termites In Your Home

Termites are a huge problem for any homeowner.  Left untreated, they can cause thousands of dollars in damage.  As a result, it’s important to deal with termites in your home as soon as you think they might be in your house.

Because termites spend most of their lives inside of wood, it can be hard to know if you have termites.  However, if you know what you are looking for, you can see several signs of termites.

Flying termites

In most cases, you won’t see termites because they are in your walls or other places.  However, termites will leave their old home in order to mate and start a new colony.  Termites leaving their old colony have wings and will be flying around.

Another sign of flying termites is discarded wings.  Shortly after mating, termites lose their wings.  If you see a bunch of discarded wings, chances are you have termites nearby.

Warped doors and windows

Termites produce moisture when they eat and tunnel through wood.  This moisture causes wood to warp.  If the wood warps near a door or window frame, it may make it harder to open or close a door.

This applies to other types of wood as well.  If you see warped floors or walls, termites may be infesting these parts of your home.

Hollow wood

Termites start eating wood from the inside.  Often times, termites will hollow out the inside of wood and leave a thin piece of the outside intact.  If you tap on a wall and it sounds hollow or breaks easily, there is a chance that it is caused by termite damage.

White ants

While termites and ants look similar, there are some differences.  Termites are usually white or cream colored.  Ants are much darker in color.   If you see what looks like a white ant, you probably have termites.

Think you have termites?  Contact us today!

If you think you might have termites in your home, contact us today!  We can inspect your house, determine if you have termites, and help you come up with a treatment plan.

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