Why a Rise in House Spiders Means a Need For Pest Control

For many homeowners, the sight of one or two spiders is enough to merit making a call for pest control, but while you might consider them a pest, spiders can be a telling symptom as well. Spiders, in truth, are nature’s pest control. While other pests may be drawn into your home by bread crumbs on the counter or a leaking pipe in the walls, spiders are not drawn by your activity. They are drawn in by insect activity. For them, the other pests are their food source, so where the insects go, the spiders will follow. Usually that means into you home.

Why a Rise in House Spiders Means a Need For Pest Control

If you have found that every corner in your home has a cobweb or a spider just scampering out of sight, you may have two problems. You definitely have a spider problems, for sure, but you may also have a different insect problem as well that serves as their food source.

In general, you will notice a marked rise in spider activity in the fall. As the temperatures drop, insects tend to be drawn more indoors to get away from the cold and look for more plentiful food. Again, the spiders will follow them and will tend to stay for awhile.

Unfortunately, you can try to plug every entryway into the home and spiders will still gain entry through the smallest gap. What you do need to treat is the pests, and professional pest control can help with that. By spraying for common pests that look to move indoors, you are also keeping spiders at bay.

If you have a spider problem, or simply want to prevent having a spider problem this year, contact us today. The professionals at Home Run Pest Control can help you keep your home pest-free so you can enjoy your colder months without spiders sharing your space.

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