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Cockroaches are scavenger pests that have evolved to live off the scraps of humans. These pests prefer starchy food substances, cereals, sugar products, cheese, grease and meat. They have also been known to consume cardboard, glue, leather and hair. Roaches form colonies in areas unseen around kitchens and bathrooms. Most cockroaches are known for squeezing in tight spaces to breed. This is why when you see one cockroach, there are probably many more in areas you can’t see.

dallas cockroach controlCockroaches are a health concern because they breed and live in and around food prepping areas. Cockroach droppings can cause asthma and as well as spread disease, which is why it is very important to treat an infestation as soon as you see the first roach.

Cockroaches Common To The Dallas Area

American Cockroach

American cockroaches are almost always found outside. They live near sewers and drainage pipes, which is how they enter homes if found indoors. These roaches can be identified by their reddish brown color. American cockroaches prefer warm climates and rotten food and will often leave their egg sacks near food prep areas.

Brown Banded Cockroach

Brown banded cockroaches prefer dryer climates than other roaches. They are often found in bedrooms and living spaces of the home because they do not like the moist conditions of kitchens and bathrooms. These pests are almost exclusively found at night because they avoid daylight.

German Cockroach

German cockroaches can be identified by the two long brown stripes down the length of their bodies. These are the most commonly found cockroaches in kitchens, restaurants and bathrooms. German cockroaches love moisture and can be found near water sources. They also prefer to breed in warm areas like underneath stoves or microwaves. This cockroach carries their eggs on their back, which makes them very difficult to treat.

Oriental Cockroach

Oriental cockroaches are found both indoors and outside. These roaches are much larger than German or American cockroaches. They are approximately 1.25 inches long with dark brown or black shiny bodies. Oriental cockroaches prefer a lot of moisture and are often found near drains or under sinks.

Cockroach Baiting Programs

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Indoor cockroach infestations are best treated with a combination of gel baits which is a non-repellant pesticde. Gel baits work by placing the gel in cracks and crevices around the infested areas. German cockroaches are known for squeezing into these tight spaces and they will consume the gel. The gel is later regurgitated for the nest, which then exposes the colony to the pesticide in the gel bait. This is a preferred method of treatment because traditional sprays cannot always reach the colonies in infested areas.

Cockroach Control Protection Plans

Eliminate cockroaches in your home or business with our Cockroach Protection Plan. This includes an initial inspection of the property to determine the scope of the infestation. Once our technician has found the source of the infestaiton, they will customize a plan of attack to rid your home, restaurant, or office of roaches.

Depending on the type of roach infestation we discover, we may recommend only treating the outdoor areas. A thorough treatment along the perimeter will keep out American and Brown Banded cockroaches. If we discover German or Oriental roaches, we will most likely use a non-repellant pesticide gel bait so we can destroy the colony from within. Non-repellant pesticides are similar to a virus in that they spread from roach to roach when they come into contact with one another. This allows us to get into areas that traditional pesticide cannot reach. For more information about our Cockroach Protection Plan, give us a call today!

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