Year-Round Mosquito Management with a Mosquito Misting System

Home Run Pest & Termite Control has teamed up with MistAway® to bring you the ultimate in mosquito control for your home or business.

Mosquito Misting Systems are designed to automatically spray a fine mist of insecticide around your property 2-3 times per day to keep mosquitos and other pests at bay, meaning you can enjoy the outdoors anytime without worry. No more citronella candles or mosquito repellants with limited efficacy. No more spraying down with sticky, smelly bug spray before heading outdoors. Step outside anytime you like, just as you are.

MistAway System

What is A Mosquito Misting System?

MistAway SystemsThink of it as a mini sprinkler system that disperses a mist of a mild insecticide. A nozzle system is placed around your yard, connected to a central unit that administers the insecticide on a programmed schedule. The result is continuous mosquito control.

MistAway’s® mosquito control systems feature leak detection and remote monitoring capabilities, making them more reliable, longer lasting, and more effective than other systems. There’s even an app to monitor your system. You can trigger a mist remotely or check how much fluid is left.

Your Mosquito Misting System Will:

  • Ensure a consistent mist every time. Before each dispersement, the system will agitate the fluid to ensure that the active ingredient is well mixed – so the first spray and the last are both just as effective.
  • Prevent fluid loss from damage or leaks. The system recognizes when tubing has been cut or damaged. A valve prevents all of the insecticide from draining out, and the system will shut down until the leak is repaired, meaning the system is never running ineffectively.
  • Check for wind before dispensing. This ensures that each misting counts, and isn’t just blown away.
  • Manage large coverage with a single unit. Adding a zone kit roughly doubles the amount of space that a single MistAway® unit can cover.

How Does it Work?

A circuit of nozzles is installed around your backyard or the area where you desire mosquito protection. The main controller will automatically disperse a mild insecticide into the air several times a day for about a minute each time. Typically, mists are programmed to activate when mosquitos are most active and when people are most likely to want to use the outdoor space. You can always trigger a mist on demand, if needed.

The system’s insecticide is considered “broad spectrum,” so you’ll not only see fewer mosquitoes in your yard, home, or business, but will also see a reduction in other pests including flies, gnats, spiders and wasps.


MistAway® uses an insecticide derived from chrysanthemums called pyrethrin. When pyrethrin is dispersed as a mist, it displaces mosquitoes from grass, shrubs and other foliage and attacks their nervous system. The insecticide is short-lived, as it is rapidly broken down by sunlight, leaving no residue and keeping your space safe for people and pets.

If a stronger insecticide is needed, a synthetic pyrethrin can be used in the system, which isn’t broken down by sunlight as quickly and lasts longer.

The cost to install a MistAway® system is comparable to installing an irrigation system. Cost is affected by how many nozzles are needed, so a larger lot will require more nozzles and thus cost more to install.

Cost will also depend upon what types of nozzles are installed. Nozzles installed on fences, trees, or existing structures will cost less than installing landscape nozzles, which sit in the ground like irrigation.

Finally, the misting unit model that you select will also affect your final price. Contact the pros at Home Run Pest & Termite to learn more about your options.

One control unit can handle 60-70 nozzles, placed roughly every 12 feet. That equals about 800 feet of protection, and is sufficient for most home lots. Some properties may require more nozzles, though. Fortunately, the reach of the mosquito misting system can be increased by adding a zone kit, which essentially doubles the number of nozzles that the unit can handle. While exceptionally large properties may require multiple control units, the addition of a zone kit offers a cost-effective way to increase the control unit’s reach for those properties that are in between sizes.

The Gen 1.3 Model has a 55-gallon tank, filled with our synthetic botanical formula! The Gen III+ is a tankless model, using cartridges of concentrated formula in a smaller container.

Both models can be fitted with the same options; including leak detection, a zoning kit, and a wind sensor.

No matter which model you choose for your outdoor space, you can rest assured that these MistAway systems are the most reliable and highest quality product in its class!

Financing options available!

Home Run Pest Control now offers financing options for our mosquito misting systems. Breathe easy and pay over time! Contact us to get started today.