What an Exterminator Can Do When Your Neighbor Has Rodents

A mouse infestation that keeps the in-laws away makes for a comedic storyline in sitcoms, but in real life a business or home overrun with rodents is no laughing matter. What do you do when you are not sure if a rat and mouse problem started at your home or a neighbor’s home or business? Exterminators determine the scope of a rat or other rodent infestation. Home and business owners are often horrified to learn mice and rats are not only chewing through wiring and drywall, but wreaking havoc in cars and the overall neighborhood.

What an Exterminator Can Do When Your Neighbor Has Rodents

Making sure you are not the source

The first step when you notice rodents is to realize there is always more than one “guest.” Mouse exterminators and pest control experts find out if your home is the source of an infestation. If so, it’s a matter of mitigating the problem with proper control and removal. Start by making sure your own home or business is free of nests.

Protecting the reputation of the neighborhood

Don’t be afraid to network at homeowner association meetings where homeowners often have the same goal of maintaining the community. Making sure neighbors put out the trash cans on the proper days and secures trash lids often prevents infestations. Since no one wants to deal with rodents, it’s a great way to encourage cleanup efforts. At the same time, homeowners and businesses can individually contact rat exterminators that look at protecting both the individual and the whole neighborhood or business district. Restaurants, in particular, suffer and lose business due to pests and rodents. A bad review due to rat or mouse sighting could be fatal to the establishment’s reputation.

Not everyone wants to share responsibility within a neighborhood, but behaviors and habits need to change in light of rodent infestations. For example, don’t park your car by the side of the street or in sections where people have spotted rodents. Rodents defecate in car air filters and chew wiring causing extensive damage. Rats blow fuses and even total cars.

In some cases, no one is to blame for a rodent infestation. Rats are multiplying every year in the country. Still, it’s good to be on the same page with neighbors about when to call an exterminator who can educate about what attracts rats and mice to “target” a neighborhood or home.

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