Home Run Pest and Termite Control, Dallas Texas’s Trusted Mouse Removal

Species of mice native to the state of Texas don’t typically want to infest your home- but if the conditions are right, they will. Most often, the problem comes from invasive mice species used to living around people. These small creatures may be hard to notice at first when there are only one or two living in the walls and under the floor, but it won’t take long for the problem to multiply. One female mouse can produce five to ten litters a year contain an average of eight mice each. And it only takes 35 days for a mouse to reach sexual maturity.

Home Run Pest and Termite Control, Dallas Texas's Trusted Mouse Removal

If your home proves to be a safe place for them with consistent access to food in only a few months, you could have hundreds. It’s best to be proactive. Pest control solutions work better the earlier they can be applied. Do not underestimate the damage these small creatures can do to a home’s insulation, wiring, furniture, and more if left alone.

Notice the signs

  • Droppings roughly 3 to 6 mm long that are black or brown Droppings larger than this might indicate a rat problem instead.
  • Signs of gnawing and scratching- mice will attempt to collect materials for their nests from insulation and fabric and trim their claws and teeth against hard surfaces like wood.
  • A musky odor that is sometimes accompanied by a sour, urine-like smell
  • If the infestation is large enough, it might be possible to hear them moving in the walls, ceiling, or floor.

We can solve even the worst mice problems. Founded in 2005, Home Run Pest and Termite Control is a locally owned business serving the Dallas Texas area. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Don’t ignore the signs. A small mouse problem becomes a big mouse problem faster than you think. Contact Home Run Pest and Termite Control today.

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