Why Odorous House Ants in the Home Are a Big Problem

Ants crawling around your kitchen, for some households, are just a part of summer. In many cases, you just try to do better at controlling crumbs and any food left out and the ant problem will sort itself out, right? However, if those ants are odorous house ants, you will have more than just your typical summer ant problems.

Why Odorous House Ants in the Home Are a Big Problem

Unlike other ants, odorous house ants — like their name suggests — are an ant that you often smell before you see. When these ants are crushed or threatened, they give off a cloying rotted smell. This is pretty pungent from just one ant, but it is never just one ant.

While the smell of these house ants is reason enough to want to do something about them, the issue is that once you have them, they can cause a variety of difficulties. These include:

  • Food Contamination — Odorous house ants spread bacteria on any food they touch. If those in the household eat this contaminated food, they can often manifest flu-like symptoms well outside of flu season.
  • Large Numbers — Like any breed of ant, odorous house ants can build colonies in the thousands, and they like to be close to a food source. If you are seeing large numbers of these ants, chances are high that a smelly colony is nearby.
  • Difficult to Remove — The biggest issues with odorous house ants besides their smell is that they can be very difficult to evict from your home. They don’t respond to a lot of commonly used ant bait and will need professional intervention in order to get out.

Do you have odorous house ants or any other pest in your home? DIY treatments can be ineffective and frustrating. It is time to let a professional evict these pests with treatments specialized to remove them. Contact us today to see what Home Run Pest Control can do to help you get your home pest-free.

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