Pest Control Solutions When Selling a Home

Before listing a home to sell, it’s a great idea to hire a pest control company. Nothing kills a home sale quicker than bees that sting a potential buyer who checks out the yard or a rat or mice that crawls out to surprise everyone at an Open House. Moreover, pests such as rats, mice and other rodents destroy a home – often leaving visible damage that will dissuade a buyer. To maintain the property value of a home as well as increase the odds of selling, consider smart pest control solutions provided by a professional exterminator.

Combining bait stations and traps

Because the best results for eliminating rodents include bait stations and traps, it’s better to be proactive about rodent control protection. Rodents have so many points of entrance to a home. Once inside, they often wreak havoc with wires, vents and drywall. During a home inspection, the troubling news could show up because of the health risks involved.

Treating for termites

Another major deal breaker when selling a home is a termite problem. Termites are often eradicated with spot treatments. One discreet way to treat termites is with an in-ground termite bait station system around the home perimeter. With subterranean termites that nest as part of a colony in the ground, the main push is for soil and structural treatments handled by a reputable pest control company.

Preventing ants that shelter indoors

Ants also alarm potential buyers even though it’s fairly common for ant infestations to pop up due to changes in the weather. For instance, during a heatwave, ants often head indoors. On a rainy day, a potential buyer might want to tour a home. Plan ahead with a general pest control home inspection. Ideally, a low odor pesticide works well for indoor applications.

Even if you don’t want to sell your home, pest control plays an important role when renting out space or when entertaining guests. Pests bite or sting – sometimes causing allergic reactions. In addition to indoor protection, plan for summer with lawn protection. Guests, tenants and buyers want more outdoor living space – but don’t need to worry about fire ants or other troubling lawn pests.

At Home Run Pest & Termite Control, we offer a Pest Protection program to treat overhangs and maintain barriers around doors and windows. For more information about mosquito, rodent and termite control as well as general pest control needs, please contact us today. We serve customers in the Dallas and surrounding area with pest control solutions.

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