How To Prevent Ants From Entering Your Home

Ants in your house are a problem.  Not only are they a nuisance, but they can cause problems in your home.  Left untreated, ants can contaminate your food or damage wood structures in your house. Here are several tips to help you prevent ants from coming in your house in the first place:

How To Prevent Ants From Entering Your Home

Keep surfaces in your household clean to prevent ants

Ants are attracted to food, so keeping your household clean will help keep them away:

  • Clean dirty dishes immediately
  • Sweep floors and vacuum regularly
  • Clean up any food or liquid spills as soon as possible
  • Clean trash cans (both inside and outside)
  • Keep pet bowls clean

Prevent ants by storing food in sealed containers  

Make sure to store food in airtight and resealable containers.  Store any ripe fruits and vegetables in your refrigerator.  Ants are looking for food, so storing food properly will keep them away.

Seal any cracks in your home 

Are the ants in your home coming from the same place?  Cracks around windows, doors, and your foundation are common places for ants to enter your home.  Seal those small entrances with caulk to keep ants out.  Because caulk degrades over time, make sure to check it regularly and reapply when necessary.

Remove ant trails

If you see a long trail of ants in your home, chances are that they are following an ant trail.  An ant trail is a scent trail left by ants for other ants to follow.  A mixture of water and vinegar will disrupt the scent trail.

Know when to call a professional

If these steps don’t work and you keep seeing ants, you may have a larger infestation.  Call a professional exterminator to help deal with the problem.

Have ants?  Contact Home Run Pest and Termite Control today!

If you have ants or any other pests in your house, contact us today!  We can help you prevent ants, get rid of the ants in your house,  and provide you with personalized tips to help keep them out.

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