5 Common Pests During Spring and How to Keep Them Out

Spring has come, and so have the pests! Springtime, in particular, makes it easy for pests to flourish because of the warm temperatures and ample food supply. If you’re concerned about keeping pests out this spring, then here are five common pests you’ll want to watch out for and tips on getting rid of them.

5 Common Pests During Spring and How to Keep Them Out

1. Fleas

Fleas are small, wingless insects that live on pets. They feed off of blood, which can cause discomfort and anemia in your pet. To prevent fleas, you should regularly bathe your pet and vacuum often. You should also avoid feeding your pets outside, as there is a higher chance of coming into contact with fleas when they eat outside.

2. Spiders

When spring arrives, so do these four-legged creepy crawlers. They may not be scary, but they can wreak havoc on your home if you’re not careful. Spiders feed on insects like crickets and other bugs attracted to warmer weather. To prevent a spider infestation, use bug spray around doors and windows regularly.

3. Bees and wasps

During spring, many types of bees and wasps begin emerging from their hibernation. Although these insects do not typically cause severe damage, they can be a nuisance in certain situations, such as if you are allergic or living with an infant. If you notice bees or wasps around your home, it is important to take preventative measures by spraying your home or calling for the assistance of a professional pest control team.

4. Ants

If you want to avoid having ants on your property and keep them away during spring, you should ensure that no food is left outside. If ants are already in your home or backyard, use non-toxic pesticides or essential oils like peppermint oil in their place. You can also try purchasing a pest repellent to spray around the entryways.

5. Rodents

During winter, rodents find shelter and food in our homes and often come back out once temperatures warm up. Remember to keep a clean kitchen-and don’t let trash pile up in your garage!

To keep local bugs and rodents away, don’t forget that it’s always best to contact Home Run Pest and Termite Control. We can help you tackle any problems with common pests before it gets out of hand.

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