Effective Rodent Control/Removal Tips To Keep Your Home Mouse And Rat Free

If you suspect your home is invaded by rodents, getting them out is of the utmost concern. Since rodents are known to harbor bacteria and disease, removing them quickly is usually desired. Here are some steps to follow for effective rodent control at your home.

Effective Rodent Control/Removal Tips To Keep Your Home Mouse And Rat Free

Know What Type Of Rodent You Are Dealing With

Before you try to remove rodents, you need to know what type you have on your property. If you have not seen them yourself, there are clues that help to determine their size. Check for rodent droppings and note their size. Mouse droppings are only about 1/4″ long and have pointed ends. Roof rat droppings are about 1/2″ in length, also with pointed ends. Norway rat and other rat species’ droppings are about 3/4″ long and have rounded ends. Look for gnaw marks around the home as well as holes where rodents use to get around. The larger these markings are, the better possibility you have a rat problem over a mouse one.

Remove Rodents From Your Home Effectively

The best way to battle a rodent problem is to contact a pest control service to help. Reach out and contact us to set up an appointment for an evaluation of the problem at your convenience. A trained professional will assess the situation and make recommendations regarding effective rodent removal using pest control to ensure they are eradicated completely.

Make Preparations To Keep Rodents Away In The Future

Once rodents are removed, continued efforts to keep them from returning is necessary. This includes the removal of sources of food and water from the property. Move woodpiles away from the home so they are not visible. Rodents tend to use these as temporary homes. Check that your home is free of damage to the siding, roof, and foundation and make repairs as necessary so rodents do not use them as entryways to the inside. Consider keeping a cat or two on the premises as well. Periodic checks by a professional pest control service also keep rodent move-ins at bay.

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