Common Pests to Combat in a Texas Summer

Texas Summers are brutal. Time is mostly spent being cool indoors, and icky insects want to come into your home, too. There are four unwelcome pests to expect, so it is best to prepare yourself.

Learn how to banish any infestation from your home in Texas. Here are the disgusting guests and tips on what to do when they arrive.

Common Pests to Combat in a Texas Summer


Spiders are creepy creatures. These are common in Texas, especially during the Summer. Any dry area in the house, such as an attic or high wall, will attract them. Keep a spider out permanently by:

  • using diatomaceous earth
  • removing hiding places ‘
  • switching off outdoor lighting
  • natural repellent sprays


Having a bunch of termites is a horror to behold. The damage-inducing critters are drawn to humid areas and wood. To gain control of termites, you should:

  • place termite baits
  • spray boric acid on the floors and walls
  • treat the soil with termite insecticide


On occasion, Scorpions enter homes in North Texas. If you have leaking water outside the house, they will be present. Bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens are spots to find a scorpion. Carefully get rid of these stinging monstrosities with lavender, cinnamon, and cedar essential oils.  Apply these non-toxic substances to doorways, baseboards, windowsills, and the perimeter of your house. It is also good to fix any damaged window or door screens.


Texas Ants are very common in the home. They nest outdoors and eventually infest the inside. Be rid of ants after:

  • pouring gallons of boiling water on the mound
  • using vinegar or baking soda
  • combining a tablespoon of liquid dish soap with a quart of water

Contact Home Run Pest & Termite Control for permanent treatment of the house. We will banish any pests you have, and also treat the yard if necessary.

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