3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Pest Control Company

Let’s face it, bugs and rodents do not belong in your home.  They’re disgusting, have no regard for your property, and can cause significant stress. And yet, they invade and in some cases, with all of their friends.  So what do you do if you discover your home has become infested by nuisance or potentially damaging pests? Some property owners make a trip to the store to arm themselves with traps, sprays, and other products that promise results. But is that a good solution? Here at Home Run Pest & Termite Control, we say no.  To get rid of spiders, ants, and other pests, we recommend hiring a pest control company and here are three reasons why!

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Pest Control Company

#1 Accurate Pest Identification Ensures Proper Treatment

Say you signed your child up for baseball, would you run out to buy soccer gear? No, of course not because that would not set your baseball player up for success.  Likewise, if you tried to treat an ant problem using a bee removal method, you’d strike out.

Accurate pest identification is a must in order to ensure your pest problem is resolved.  A professional exterminator who has been highly trained and licensed knows about pests and who has a keen understanding of their biology and behavior, is able to not only identify the pest but develop a treatment plan that is effective against the invader you have.

#2 Exterminators Eliminate The Pest Problem – Completely

In order to completely eliminate a pest infestation, you must find the source of the problem and eliminate that.  Simply exterminating the ants you see crawling on the counters or killing the roaches you find under the washing machine, will not solve the problem.

You need a pest control expert to perform a thorough inspection to:

  • Identify how pests are getting in
  • Determine what’s attracting them to your property
  • Find the source of the problem

To illustrate the importance of that last bullet point, let’s take a look at termites.  Did you know that the termites you see in the soil around your home or uncover inside the walls are only a portion of the termite colony?  If you get rid of them but do not eliminate the queen, the colony will continue to thrive and your home will continue to be threatened by termite damage.

Pest control services, whether for occasional invaders like earwigs and pillbugs or more serious pests like termites and rodents, are designed to address the whole problem not just treat the symptoms of one.  Unfortunately that’s where DIY pest treatments typically fail.

#3 Pest Control Pros Stop The Damage Caused By Pests

Left untreated pest problems can result in significant damage. Here are a few examples of what insects and rodents can do to your home:

  • Contaminate or damage insulation
  • Damage drywall and other building materials as well as the actual structure
  • Chew through electrical wires
  • Damage furniture, clothes, and other personal belongings

Experienced pest control professionals have the tools and know-how to effectively eliminate pests so you don’t have to worry about them.

At Home Run Pest & Termite Control, we are a team committed to keeping pests out of homes in the DFW area. If you’re tired of seeing bugs crawling around your home or simply want to take action to keep your home pest free, our locally owned pest and termite control company is the ideal solution.  To learn more about our pest solutions, please contact us today!

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