How to Make Your Home Less Alluring to Rodents

While a rodent problem can start any time of year, usually when the temperature starts to drop then rodents will look for a house to move into. However, solid rodent control starts with taking steps for prevention. If you have had rodents move into your home in the past, here is what you can do to make it less attractive.

How to Make Your Home Less Alluring to Rodents

Check the Exterior

Entrance to your home by rodents comes from the outside. You will want to do a thorough inspection of the exterior to make sure they aren’t given easy entrances. Check for cracks and crevices around pipes, windows, and doors. You will want to use weather stripping, caulk, or foam to fill any cracks to keep your home safe. Generally, if you can get a fingertip in there, a mouse can get in there.

For larger rodents like rats or squirrels, you will also want to check for gaps in your roof as well. You will want to seal around vents and check for areas of rot around shingles.

Use Fear

If you have had major rodent problems, you may want to use fear to keep them at bay. Installing fake owls or hawks can be enough to scare some off. You may even want to get a barn cat if you can care for it and have a place for it to sleep. However, do note that not all cats are good mousers. It is better to use decoys first rather than get another living thing.

Remove Rodent Attractions

Wood piles should be kept well away from the home as they tend to attract tons of pests that you don’t want right up against your house. You will also want to limit water sources near your home as well since these creatures require water to live.

Tend the Interior

Nobody really likes to sweep, but if you let your house get dirty, it is a big attraction to rodents. The more crumbs that lie around, the more attractive it is as a living place. If you have rodent problems, sweep regularly, wipe down counters, and keep food items in your pantry tightly sealed – preferably in plastic containers.

If you didn’t take up preventative measures in time and have rodents in your home, contact us today. Home Run Pest & Termite Control can help you get them out and keep them out.

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