Fire Ants – How To Control Them

Ants can be pesky creatures. They love to invade your yard, sneak into your home, and perhaps bite you or someone in your family. Fire ants are a particular problem.

Fire Ants – How To Control Them

Will Fire Ants Cause Trouble?

If their nest is disturbed, fire ants become aggressive and attempt to swarm onto the intruder.

Many ants simply bite, but these dangerous insects will bite just to grip the skin and then use a stinger at the rear to inject venom. Unfortunately, they can sting multiple times, and red spots topped with a blister are likely to follow.

These stings can be painful, itchy, and last up to a week. Victims with an allergic reaction to the stings will need to seek medical help right away.

How Do I Know If I Have Fire Ants?

As these reddish-brown bugs build their nests, they form large dirt mounds visible above the surface of the ground. Each mound is usually made with crumbling, loose soil that looks like a dirt pile left behind by gophers.

Fire ants are rather small, ranging from 1/16 to 1/4 of an inch.

Unfortunately, these ants may enter your home as they look for water or food – especially toward the end of summer.

How Can They Be Controlled?

The use of sprays or other poisons at the top of the mound may instantly kill some ants, but others are likely to survive underground. One of the most effective ways to completely get rid of these creatures is to wipe out the entire colony.

At Home Run Pest & Termite Control, we directly apply pesticide to the fire ant mound and nearby areas which works like a virus. It will spread through the entire colony, killing the queen and the rest of the nest.

Our family-owned and operated service is built on honesty and integrity. We stand by our work and are ready to assist you with any type of pest control challenges you may face. Contact us to learn more.

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