Tick Removal Tips and Prevention

Even if you have never had to deal with a tick, chances are you have seen one on a pet, kid, or even yourself. Tick removal and prevention may be much easier if you know a few easy strategies. Read on to learn more about tick removal tactics and the best approach to eliminate them.

Tick Removal Tips and Prevention

Step 1: The first step is gathering all the essential gear. Fortunately, this portion is not too difficult. Simply use tweezers or, if you are feeling very daring, your strong fingernails to remove the sticker.

Step 2: As it burrows, its head presses on the skin. Use tweezers or your fingertips near the skin and pull out the ticks.

Step 3: Check the bite site for redness or swelling. If you think you missed any ticks, take your pet to the vet. Leaving the tick on your pet for a long time is better than removing it quickly and leaving “tick bites” under the skin since a skin infection can be readily cured, but a tick-borne illness may be serious.

Tick Removal–Getting Rid Of the Danger

Getting rid of ticks may be accomplished in several ways, depending on how you got them in the first place. Ticks are a common source of home and yard bites for many people. Exterminate them by following these methods.

  • Remove waste and yard detritus from your property. Ticks are more likely to bite you and your pets if they hide in these mounds. Regularly mow your grass and trim your plants to avoid dark corners.
  • Pets may get medication. Fewer ticks in the home reduce the risk of sickness for you or your pet. Ask your vet for tick-control recommendations.
  • Wash your outdoor garments in hot water to prevent mildew. Heat should destroy any bugs on the clothing.

Home Run Pest and Termite Control offers tick control, eradication, and prevention. Certified professionals can keep ticks out of your yard. We can take care of your whole home’s exterior, including gardens and lawns. Contact us to learn more or make an appointment.

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