5 Tips to Keep Rodents Away From Your Home

No one wants to share their home with rodents. The colder months are when those tiny little pests are most likely to invade your home. Pests to be weary of during the winter months include roaches, mice, rats, squirrels, and spiders. Here are 5 tips to keep those nasty little varmints from spending time in your home.

Check for Rodent Gateways

Inspect your home for tiny little holes that could lead from the outside to inside, this is a perfect gateway for rodents. Most rodents can flatten their bodies, so that they are able to slide under doors or through small holes. These gateways from the outdoors need to be sealed immediately.

Check Bathroom Valves

Rodents are known to travel through valves and holes around pipes in the bathroom. They can swim, so it is easy for them to keep moving even when water is in pipes. Rodents can swim through the sewage, bringing millions of germs into your home. Rats and mice can eat their way through drywall later causing bigger costly problems.

Clear Out the Trash

Avoid leaving trash in the home overnight. Rodents celebrate when they find leftover food on counters and dirty dishes in the sink. Take out trash daily and make sure it is secured with a lid. Warm and dark places are where rodents thrive and reproduce quickly.

Declutter Around Your Home

Winter time is not when you want to keep clutter around your home. Rodents tend to take advantage of clutter and use whatever they can find to climb their way into your home. Move tree limbs, yard tools, furniture, and other outdoor items rodents could use to their benefit.

Call in the Pest Control Professionals

Don’t wait until it’s too late, to call in the professional pest control. If troubled about areas in your home that could be problematic, call these professionals to help figure out and start a prevention plan. To schedule your appointment with pest control, contact us today.

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