4 Interesting (but Scary) Facts about Rats

According to World Atlas, rats are the most populous mammal in the world, and their population numbers in the billions. Here are a few other interesting facts about rats you may not have known.

Black rat, Rattus rattus, in front of white background

They Multiply almost as Fast as Rabbits

A mere five weeks after birth, a rat may already begin breeding. Females have approximately 15 fertile cycles each year, and can mate up to 500 times in a six-hour period. A pregnancy lasts around three weeks, and may result in up to 20 babies. The speed and frequency at which rats multiply means that a single male and female pair could turn into as many as 2,000 rats within a year.

Their Teeth Never Stop Growing

In cartoons and drawings, rats are often depicted as having very long front teeth. This is a rather accurate depiction, as a rat’s teeth never stop growing. As such, they rely on chewing to keep their teeth filed down. Rats often chew through electrical wires, but may also gnaw on wood, brick cement, or other solid objects.

They can Swim

Rats are excellent swimmers, and can even tread water for up to three days. This is why they are often found in sewer lines or the bilge area of a ship. They can survive being flushed down the toilet, and may continue to inhabit a home that has been flooded.

Rats can Survive a Fall

You may think that by placing food items at higher levels, you are keeping them safe from rodents.  What you may not realize is that rats can jump up to a foot high, in which case they can access countertops or even pantries. They can easily survive a fall from that same height as well.

Rats multiply quickly and can cause considerable damage with their constant chewing. They are also hardy creatures that are resistant to falls and drowning. To get rid of these rodents, you’ll need a professional service such as Home Run Pest & Termite Control. To find out more facts about rats and how to keep them from your home, please contact us.

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