Why Do Fire Ants Keep Coming Back?

Unlike other ants, fire ants are a menace that come with a nasty sting as well as a bite to boot. This means a pretty unpleasant surprise for anyone who finds one fire ant much less a whole ant hill of them. As such, when you find fire ants creating a home in your yard,. It requires professional intervention by pest control to get them out. Yet, they keep coming back. Why do fire ants keep targeting your yard in particular to make their ant hills?

Why Do Fire Ants Keep Coming Back?

Unfortunately, as a particularly invasive ant species in the United States, once you have fire ants, it is pretty impossible to remove them completely. Most pest control measures are about controlling the amount that ends up in your yard.

One of the biggest draws for fire ants, and even many ants, is moisture. All ants will make big treks to forage for food. However, they all build their homes near a moisture source. Furthermore, they will not make mounds during dry periods when the soil is dry and packed. You will notice new mounds spring up after periods of rainfall. However, mounds in a specific area, even when the rain has been scarce, can be an indicator of a moisture problem.

It could be something like a leak in your sprinkler system or breached sewer pipes. It is keeping the soil moist enough for them to build mounds and thrive in the area. Limiting both food sources and moisture sources will go a long way to keeping the fire ant population in your yard low. However, you may still need regular pest intervention as there is no way to keep them out completely.

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