How to Clean Up After Rodent Removal

Rodent control is something that is best left to the professionals as that is the only way you can be sure that rodents are really gone. However, removing a rodent invasion in your home is only one task on the to-do list. To ensure a healthy home, you need to know how to clean up after rodent removal to maintain a healthy home and keep them from coming back.

How to Clean Up After Rodent Removal

Clean Up Urine and Feces

The most immediate task once the rodents have been removed by pest control is to clean up the urine and feces in the area they were living in. You will want to wear gloves to remove the feces and spray down the living area with a bleach solution. You will want to clean the entire area they were inhabiting to fully remove the bacteria.

Remove the Damage

Depending on how long and how many rodents you had, there will likely be extensive damage. You will want to remove items like shredded insulation and other bedding items not just because they are dirty, but because they may serve as easy homes for any other rodents that may wander in later.

Seal Entryways

Your pest control technician should not only help you remove the rodents, but they should help you seal the ways they get in as well. However, some entry areas, like holes in your roof, may be beyond their ability to quickly repair. If they pointed out any major entryways to you, you will want to repair them ASAP before another invasion appears.

Do you have a rodent problem? Before you start the clean up after rodent removal, you need to give them an eviction notice. However, store-bought traps only do so much and poison can leave corpses rotting in your walls. You need a professional hand to effectively remove rodents. Contact us today to see what Home Run Pest & Termite Control can do to help.

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