Guaranteed Mosquito Protection for Your Home

For the last few years, mosquitoes have been a troublesome problem for homeowners. Nothing can interrupt the quality of your evening more than when those pesky pests are buzzing around and biting you. Each bite has the potential to endanger you or your pet by increasing the chance of infection or even disease. At Home Run Pest & Termite Control, we specialize in mosquito protection so you can relax.

Guaranteed Mosquito Protection for Your Home

Disease Prevention

There are several diseases that mosquitoes can carry and transfer through saliva.

  • Zika
  • West Nile
  • Chikungunya virus,
  • Dengue fever
  • Malaria


Mosquitoes only need a tiny amount in order to lay their eggs and multiply. You can help keep the rise of mosquitoes down by following these tips.

  1. Remove any possible standing water nearby. Check around the exterior of your home for places water may be accumulating.
  2. Use repellents like citronella candles, clove, lavender, or lemongrass to help deter them.
  3. If you are outside, try using a personal bug spray that contains DEET or a natural spray alternative with eucalyptus.
  4. Some plants are a natural solution for helping to keep flying pests at bay. Some of these are catnip, bee balm, peppermint, or basil.
  5. Empty outside birdbaths or plant saucers.
  6. Keep grass mowed in order to reduce the breeding areas.
  7. Use mosquito netting to create pest-free areas.

Professional Pest Control

When these methods are not giving the results you hoped for, consider scheduling an appointment to have your yard treated. We can assess the situation and guarantee 100% mosquito control. Think about it. No more mosquitoes invading your space. We can make it a reality. Our team is ready to help you. From April through October, our protection plan covers service throughout the entire summer. Regularly scheduled treatment will take place every 30 days. In the unlikely event that service is needed in between, we’ve got you covered. It’s our no-risk guarantee. To inquire more about all our pest control services including mosquito protection or to schedule an appointment contact us today!

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