What Happens During Professional Rodent Control?

DIY rodent control can be successful, but more often than not, it fails or at least doesn’t completely solve the problem. Yet, most homeowners are a little weary to call a pest control expert out for a couple of mice. Many believe that pest control experts will come out, set the same traps they could have bought at the grocery store, and leave. However, that is not true. When you call for professional rodent control, here is what will happen.

What Happens During Professional Rodent Control?

The visit will start with you explaining what signs you have found of a rodent in your home. Obviously seeing the vermin is a big one. However, you may have noticed droppings, noise, or holes as well. It is important you show these signs to the technician who will then determine what sort of rodent is behind it.

Next, they will do a whole home inspection, this includes looking at baseboard and crawling around in your attic to determine where the activity is coming from and how many rodents there are. Once done, they will place tamper-resistant traps down in areas where the rodents are most likely to tread, which is closer to the walls. They will also work to seal potential entry points to keep any more visitors from coming in.

Unfortunately, rodent control is not often something that is finished in one visit. If you have a relatively low rodent population, they may not need to come back more than once or twice. However, if you have a serious population in your home, your technician will discuss a variety of options to help you deal with it once and for all.

If you have found the signs of rodents and want them gone quickly rather than attempting a DIY option that may or may not work, contact us today for professional rodant control. Home Run Pest & Termite Control can help you keep your home your own.

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