The Time of Year to Spray for Bugs

Like every other wild creature, bugs have seasons where their populations get out of hand, making it necessary to spray them out of your home. At Home Run Pest and Termite Control, we keep tabs on all bugs and their seasons. We respond promptly to your needs to eradicate any bug species. Spring is the season when bugs crawl out of their hideouts in the cold wild, spreading towards your warmer home. You can also expect the population of most bugs to peak in summer.

The Time of Year to Spray for Bugs
Common Bugs to Spray in Spring

As the weather warms up, ants, spiders, termites, wasps, carpenter ants, and earwigs start to spread around homes. You will need to start spraying them in early spring. At Home Run Pest and Termite Control, we know where all the bugs hide. If you go out to spray them, focus on the lawn, shrubs, and nearby trees. The vegetation will be getting warmer and growing faster in spring, hence the need to trim it before spraying it.

Bugs to Spray in Summer

Summer is great for fleas, ticks, spiders, mosquitoes, wasps, aphids, moths, fire ants, flies, cockroaches, chiggers, ticks, hornets, and most other bugs. The season’s warm weather makes it easier for bugs to move great distances and spread around homes. Your effort to spray them should intensify in this season, especially if you’re too late to control their growth or repel them.

Spraying Seasonal Bugs in Your Home

Bugs hide in corners, closets, underneath water pipes, baseboards, storage areas, behind windows and doors, within eaves and attics, under and behind refrigerators, below sinks, inside cabinets, behind furnaces, under shelves, behind stoves, inside drawers, inside cracks and crevices, and dark areas of your home. Spray all these areas while wearing protective gear and when the rooms are unoccupied.

Getting Pest Control Services

Pest control is our forte and we are well-established in Dallas, Texas. At Home Run Pest, we are used to all kinds, shapes, and sizes of pests. Your Dallas home should never be pest-ridden as long as we are in Dallas. Keep all local bugs, rodents, and other pests away by contacting Home Run Pest and Termite Control.


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