How to Prevent Mosquitoes With Early Season Action

The spring months of April and May seem like it is far too early to see mosquitoes, and this is true in most cases. However, if you want to prevent mosquitos in your prime outdoor months, action needs to be taken in the spring.

How to Prevent Mosquitoes With Early Season Action

What happens to mosquitoes in the winter? They don’t actually die off as you might expect, but instead will hibernate. Once the temperature is consistently above 50 degrees, they wake up. This means you really can get mosquitoes overnight.

Steps to Combat Mosquitoes

While adults hibernate in the ground, it is the immature mosquitoes that will be carrying on the cycle. They often pause their life cycle and hibernate in frozen water. This means the first step to mosquito prevention is to remove as much standing water as possible. One of the biggest areas that mosquitoes gather is in the gutters. They hibernated in the last of the autumn leaves that sat forgotten up there. So those will need to be removed.

However, mosquito prevention isn’t just all yard tasks. Placing a call to your local pest control company can help you win the war on mosquitoes in your yard. Not only can they advise you on areas to address in order to prevent hibernating mosquitoes from waking up, but they will provide active mosquito control options. By placing mosquito traps before mosquitoes wake up, you can actively get rid of the ones that do come out of hibernation before they even get their first sip of blood.

If you have a yearly mosquito problem in your yard, now is the season to begin addressing it. Don’t let those blood sucker ruin your barbeques this year, but instead get rid of them before they become a problem. Contact us today to see what mosquito control solutions we can provide for you at Home Run Pest Control.

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