Tick Control Protection Plans: Securing Your Home and Yard Against Ticks

Ticks represent more than mere annoying pests; they serve as carriers for severe illnesses, including Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Comprehending the threat posed by ticks and proactively managing your property with a protection plan is a pivotal measure to ensure your home and yard remain tick-free. At Home Run Pest & Termite Control, we provide specialized tick control protection plans intended to safeguard your property and your well-being.

Tick Control Protection Plans: Securing Your Home and Yard Against Ticks

The Imperative of Tick Control

Ticks flourish in tall grass and shrubs, biding their time to latch onto a passing host. Unlike other insects, ticks neither jump nor fly but rely on physical contact to board their host. Being external parasites, ticks feed on the blood of humans, birds, and mammals, using their harpoon-like mouthparts to anchor themselves.


Ticks pose a significant danger due to their role as disease carriers. They can transmit a variety of diseases, such as Lyme disease, Meningoencephalitis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and more. Hence, the elimination of tick populations from your yard as soon as they are spotted becomes critically important.


Home Run Pest & Termite Control Protection Plans

Our tick control protection plans are designed to help you confront these pests directly. While our Standard Pest Protection program is comprehensive, it’s important to note that tick coverage is provided as an additional service. This way, you can customize your pest control plan to meet your specific needs, and feel secure knowing your property is well-protected.


The procedure begins with a meticulous inspection of your property. Our pest control specialists will evaluate your yard and outdoor spaces, pinpointing any areas of concern. Following the inspection, we apply a low toxicity, low odor pesticide around your home’s perimeter, establishing a barrier that effectively keeps pests out.


To maintain the treatment’s efficacy and provide ongoing protection against ticks, we recommend our services on a quarterly basis. This recurring service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you notice standard pests between services, we’ll come back to address the infestation at no extra cost to you.


More Than Tick Control: A Broad-Spectrum Pest Solution

Our protection plans offer more than tick defense. They provide a comprehensive answer to a variety of pest issues. This all-encompassing approach ensures that your home and yard are protected against a wide spectrum of pests that could otherwise diminish your property’s enjoyment and pose potential health risks.


Ticks pose a serious threat, but they need not overrun your home or yard. With our specialized tick control protection plans, you can rest easy knowing your property is secure. For more information about our Tick Control Protection Plan and how we can help maintain your home and yard tick-free, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!

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