3 Things To Do In The Winter For Pest Control

While most pests like to invade your home during the warmer months of the year, this doesn’t mean that you won’t have issues during the winter as well. Thankfully there are certain things that can be done to help with your winter pest control. Here are three important things that you can do.

3 Things To Do In The Winter For Pest Control

Winterize Your Home

One thing that you can do to help keep the pests out during the winter months is to winterize your home. This includes adding weather stripping, caulk, or any other type of sealant to areas of your home where pests can invade. This will stop them from coming into your home to find a warm place to stay. As an added bonus, this can also help to lower your energy costs and will be effective at keeping the bugs out during the spring and summer months as well.

Remove Excess Moisture

Another tip for controlling pests during the winter time is to remove any excess moisture that you may have within your home. Moisture in your home can soften the wood in your walls, flooring, cabinets, etc. This in turn can attract termites, which can cause a lot of damage to your home. A great way to get rid of extra moisture in your home is to use dehumidifiers to remove this moisture from the air.

Thoroughly Clean Your Home

Pests are attracted to homes that have a lot of extra food, clutter, and other messes lying around. Because of this, it is a good idea to thoroughly clean your home. You can get rid of any excess foods that you may have, as well as any clutter that you have lying around. You can even hire a professional to come in and deep clean your home for you. This will make the interior of your home much less attractive to pests.

To learn about more things that you can do in the winter for pest control, or to hire a professional if you are currently having pest issues, visit us today at Home Run Pest & Termite Control.

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