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Do Chiggers Come Out in the Spring?

Chiggers are arachnids that are sometimes called berry bugs that belong to the mite family. They are most commonly found in grassy places like gardens and parks or wet areas like ponds. Chiggers live in plants that are closer to the ground and are more challenging to spot than other bugs, according to Disabled-World’s article … Read more

Avoid Chiggers in Texas this Spring

The telltale signs of chiggers are groups of little red raised bumps and itchiness. You want to avoid these little buggers at all costs to keep you and your family comfortable this Spring and Summer. These tiny mites bite you and leave a digestive enzyme in your skin. After a couple of hours, you’ll notice … Read more

The Best Time of the Year for Pest Control

Pests increase in number when the temperatures rise. When the temperatures warm up, pests wake up from dormancy and breed at a faster rate.  At the onset of spring, you are likely to see different types of pests invading your quiet home. Despite the invasion by the different types of pests, you can maintain control … Read more

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