Can You Fix My Problem?

Home Run Pest and Termite Control offers a wide range of pest and termite control services designed to take care of any issue you might be facing.

  • We have available many different types of high quality pest control products designed to not only rid your home of unwanted pests but also keep infestations from resurfacing.
  • Once our trained team member has identified the pest in question he will implement the best product and treatment method to control the pest very quickly.
  • We will apply and maintain an invisible barrier around the entire perimeter of your home that will keep home invading pests from re-entering and causing future infestations.
  • If your issue is fire ants we have the very best fire ant control product on the planet, “TOP CHOICE” fire ant control is applied to the lawn by our trained technicians and is 100% guaranteed for 12 FULL MONTHS!! This service can be added to your plan any time throughout the year.
  • Our team members are highly trained in the detection and treatment of all types of pest infestations. From bugs or termite to ants or rodents they have the knowledge and experience to help.
  • At Home Run Pest and Termite Control we guarantee all services.

How Soon Can I Get Service Started?

  • At Home Run Pest and Termite Control we fully understand the need and desire to get your problem fixed or your service started as quickly and as hassle free as possible. We will have a team member visit your home to identify and discuss treatment and pricing within 24 business hours of initial service request.
  • In most cases the initial treatment is performed immediately once the treatment method and pricing has been agreed upon by the homeowner. This is dependent on weather conditions at times. If treatment can not be performed immediately due to weather conditions or if treatment requires more extensive treatment method as often is the case with termites the treatment will be performed within 48 business hours weather permitting.

How Much Will This Cost Me?

  • Home Run Pest and Termite Control values our customer’s hard earned dollars and we know how important it is to make every cent work for the betterment of you and your family. We make it our top priority to stay very competitive within our industry while still being able to provide the best customer service and application results possible.

At Home Run Pest and Termite Control we base our prices around a few philosophies and guidelines.

  • We do NOT and will NEVER use any of the many cheaper and lesser quality pest and termite control products that are available in our industry.
  • We believe in using the highest quality products and applying them at the higher rates to achieve the greatest and most effective results. Buying the cheaper products and applying them at the lower rates would save our company literally thousands of dollars per year but would without doubt achieve less than acceptable results.
  • We believe that our customers care about quality just as much as we do. Hiring a service company solely because they were the cheapest is a waste of hard earned money as it is highly unlikely a quality service would be the end result. At Home Run Pest and Termite Control we always strive to be competitively priced but our overall focus and drive is to be the very best.
  • Home Run Pest and Termite Control knows that the greatest asset to our company are our team members. We care about our team members and their families and we feel that their salaries should always reflect not only our appreciation to them but also their hard work and dedication to our company and our valued customers. We base our team member salaries higher than what is the industry standard and in return our technicians truly care about their positions within our company and stay with us for years on average. This eliminates the “ revolving door “ of new faces many of our competitors experience.

Pricing for our services are dependent on the needs of our customers and what is required to achieve complete and total satisfaction because giving our customers the very best and solving their problems beyond their expectations is and always will be our primary focus.

Why Choose Home Run Pest & Termite Control?

  • Home Run Pest and Termite Control is owner-operated by a husband and wife team that stays hands-on with their company on a daily basis. There is no absent owner syndrome with our company.
  • We believe in doing business with honesty, integrity and passion. We provide our valued customers with the top quality service they deserve and nothing less. We are passionate about Home Run Pest and Termite Control and constantly strive to improve the company and its operations to better serve our customers.
  • All technicians are personally trained by the owners. This ensures that the applications and services are performed to the highest quality like our customers have become so accustomed to.
  • All employees are drug tested and background checked. This provides an added measure of safety and trust for our customers and their families. We feel this is important any time a home owner has a service of any kind performed on their property. Especially since may times services are performed when the homeowner is away from home.

Service So Good, We’re Guaranteed!

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Home Run Pest is a proud member of the Good Contractors list which means you can hire us with the confidence that your service is backed by a money back guarantee. The Good Contractors List are so confident in our services that they guarantee that we will deliver what was agreed upon or The Good Contractors List will PAY up to $10,000 to make it right!

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