Pest Control Frisco, Texas

Pest Control Frisco, Texas

Going to bat against your pests in Frisco.

Frisco pest control

Home Run Pest and Termite Control calls Dallas county home and serves residents and businesses in Frisco for all of their pest control needs, including termite removal. Our state licensed technicians have extensive experience performing pest control for apartments, condos, houses and commercial properties. We specialize in using only the best low odor, low toxicity pesticides available on the market. Our team will also take time to show you the steps you can take around your property to keep pests away, without the use of pesticide.
frisco spider pest controlOur company services residential and commercial properties that include the treatment of standard pests like ants, spiders, fleas and cockroaches. For standard pests, we use low toxicity pesticide specifically labeled for indoor or outdoor use.

Rodent Control

Mice and rats infiltrate homes in Frisco all year long. They come inside seeking food, shelter and a safe place to breed. During this process, they can spread disease or bring other unwanted pests like fleas, mites and bed bugs. Our rodent services include baits, traps and exclusion work, if necessary, to keep mice and rats from returning.
frisco rodent pest controlRodent traps or bait stations are carefully placed around the property, out of the way of small children and pets.

Rodent Control

Termite Control

frisco termite control

Subterranean termites thrive in Frisco’s conditions all year long. These termites tunnel through mud to access a structure’s foundation. Once established in the foundation, these termites can compromise the safety of a building. Home Run Termite Control offers termite protection plans, based on your needs. If you have an apartment, condo, house or commercial property in need of a termite inspection or service, we have you covered. Let us help you knock termites out of the park!

Termite Inspection

Home Run Standard Pest Protection Plans

Home Run Pest and Termite Control is a family owned and operated company. Our team believes in keeping your household or business free from dangerous or disease-spreading pests like black widows, cockroaches, rodents and scorpions. Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority. This is why we offer our standard pest protection programs which come with a guarantee of service.

Pest Control Protection Plans

Service So Good, We’re Guaranteed!

best pest control

Home Run Pest is a proud member of the Good Contractors list which means you can hire us with the confidence that your service is backed by a money back guarantee. The Good Contractors List are so confident in our services that they guarantee that we will deliver what was agreed upon or The Good Contractors List will PAY up to $10,000 to make it right!

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Service Reviews

frisco pest control

Trey and Christy were both very professional, pleasant and helpful. They responded very quickly to my calls.

frisco pest control

Great company to work with. Everyone we worked with was very professional and informative. No more ant or rodent problem for us. Would recommend to any one needing any type of pest control.

frisco pest control

Excellent service! Prompt and fast and courteous! I highly recommend to my friends, family and clients.

frisco pest control

Great experience! Fast response and very affordable. I think what jumped out at me most was how knowledgable the technician was. Would highly recommend to my friends and family!

frisco pest control

Home Run Pest & Termite Control has excellent service. I hired them to treat my yard for ants. Less than a week, all the ant mounts in my yard was empty. I don’t know if them moved or was dead but I didn’t have to worry about my pets or kids getting bite. Their customer service was awesome, I would highly recommend using their service.

frisco pest control

Great customer service and very professional. We had termites and called them out, they were quick and clean, and we haven’t had a problem since!

frisco pest control

I called and scheduled a appointment for pest control. They arrived on time and were knowledgeable and very professional. After treatment we have had no problems the carpenter ants and rodents in the shop attic area. Thanks again for a job well done. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for good honest pest control company.

100% Guarantee

guaranteed pest control Frisco

We guarantee 100% of our returning services. Standard pests and rodents often return when there is a shift in weather patterns. If this happens and you see pests between regularly scheduled service, give us a call immediately and we’ll return for free to treat the infestation.

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