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Home Run Pest & Termite Control operates on a simple philosophy. Honesty and integrity. We believe in giving our customers more than a simple pest control solution. We provide people with, not only exceptional results using the best products available on the market, but also constant evaluations by our highly knowledgeable team members. Each team member at Home Run Pest & Termite has been personally trained by us. Why? Because who better to train our staff than us? We like to know that our valued team members have been properly equipped with the knowledge and experience necessary to take excellent care of our customers and their needs.



Home Run Pest and Termite Control offers a Pest Protection program, which includes treating overhangs, maintaining barriers around doors and windows, and clearing spider webs.



Home Run Pest and Termite Control are experts in the prevention of mosquitoes. We use highly effective mosquito control products that quickly decrease mosquito populations.



Home Run Pest and Termite Control uses a combination of bait stations, traps and exclusion work to rid a property of rodents, placed away from your pets and small children.



Home Run Pest and Termite Control offers localized spot treatments to remove subterranean termite colonies. Spot treatments are very effective at eradicating isolated infestations of termites.

Residential Pest Control In Allen, TX

Pest Control Allen, TexasHome Run Pest and Termite Control serves residents and businesses in Allen for all of their pest prevention needs, including termite removal. Our state licensed technicians have extensive experience performing treatments for condos, houses and commercial properties. We specialize in using only the best low odor, low toxicity pesticides available on the market. Our team will also take time to show you the steps you can take around your property to keep pests away, without the use of pesticide. Our company services residential and commercial properties that include the treatment of standard pests like ants, beetles, chiggers, cockroaches, crickets, spiders, fleas, mosquitos, scorpions, and ticks. For standard pests, we use low toxicity pesticide specifically labeled for indoor or outdoor use.

Allen Termite Inspection And Treatment

Subterranean termites thrive in Allen’s conditions all year long. These termites tunnel through mud to access a structure’s foundation. Once established in the foundation, these termites can compromise the safety of a building. Home Run Termite Control offers termite protection plans, based on your needs. If you have an home or commercial property in need of a termite inspection or termite service, we have you covered. Let us help you knock termites out of the park!

Rodent Control in Allen, Texas

Mice and rats infiltrate homes in Allen all year long. They come inside seeking food, shelter and a safe place to breed. During this process, they can spread disease or bring other unwanted pests like fleas, mites and bed bugs. Our rodent control and removal services include baits, traps and exclusion work, if necessary, to keep mice and rats from returning. Rodent traps or bait stations are carefully placed around the property, out of the way of small children and pets.

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“Home Run Pest Control is wonderful! The only homeowner-esque company that my husband and I feel is just a pleasure to work with every time. We look forward to seeing them quarterly, and can’t imagine using anyone else.” Emilia W.

“I am very impressed with this company. Michael was friendly, punctual, knowledgeable and answered all my questions. We are set up on a quarterly maintenance program and couldn’t be happier.” Delmer C.

“I called and scheduled a appointment for pest control. They arrived on time and were knowledgeable and very professional. After treatment we have had no problems with the carpenter ants and rodents in the shop attic area. Thanks again for a job well done.” Esther E.

Home Run Standard Pest Protection Plans

Home Run Pest and Termite Control is a family owned and operated company. Our team believes in keeping your household or business free from dangerous or disease-spreading pests like black widows, cockroaches, rodents and scorpions. Our client’s satisfaction is our top priority. This is why we offer our standard pest protection programs which come with a guarantee of service. Check out our Allen, Texas Pest Control Protection Plans.

Guaranteed pest control in Allen!

100% Guarantee

We guarantee 100% of our returning pest control services. Standard pests and rodents often return when there is a shift in weather patterns. If this happens and you see pests between regularly scheduled service, give us a call immediately and we’ll return for free to treat the infestation.

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Pest Control Service So Good, We're Guaranteed!

Pest Control Service So Good, We’re Guaranteed!

Home Run Pest is a proud member of the Good Contractors List which means you can hire us with the confidence that your service is backed by a money back guarantee. The Good Contractors List are so confident in our services that they guarantee that we will deliver what was agreed upon or The Good Contractors List will PAY up to $10,000 to make it right!